RJ-11 as physical I/O interface

For board with multiple I/O ports and each port has multiple wires, I find it quite convenient to use RJ-11 as the physical I/O interface because it could be plugged / unplugged very quickly and it supports up to 6 wires in one port.

For example, I use 5 RJ-11 connectors in the remote sensor hub project. They are used to connect to DC servo motor, light sensor, HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor, DS18B20, and DHT22.

The RJ-11 connectors on the sensor hub are connected to individual sensor / motor module via standard RJ-11 6P6C cable.

Below is the layout of the sensor / motor module. By default, pin 2 and 5 are for GND and VCC respectively for all the sensor / motor modules. Pin 1, 3, 4, and 6 are for signals.

Below is the layout of the 6-pin of the RJ-11 connector on the remote sensor hub.

RJ-11 adapter board with DS18B20, Light Sensor, DHT22, and HC-SR04.

If you are interested in trying out, below is my offer for the RJ-11 sensor / motor adapter.

RJ-11 Adapter Module Kit x 2. The kit includes the following items:

- RJ-11 6P6C connector x 2
- 1 x 6 pin head x 2
- RJ-11 Adapter PCB x 2

Note, you need to solder the components yourself before the module could be put to use.

Price: US$8/kit (contains components for 2 RJ-11 adapter module);
Item Location: Taipei, TAIWAN;
Shipping: Paid by buyer.

Note, in the link below, you could find similar module sold for US$12 /ea.


RJ11/RJ12 6P6C Breakout Board

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