How to use / navigate this blog

This is a quick summary of how to use / navigate this blog.


Sep. 24, 2018: The broken HTML Sitemap has been fixed. Hope it will help you find what you need faster...

Auto Translation by Google Translate

Use the Select Language widget to translate this blog into the language of you choosing (the translation quality may not be good, but I think it's enough to give you some general idea about the post).

How to follow / search

How to follow my blog

To follow my blog, enter your e-mail address in the field under "Followed by Email" and left click on "Submit" to submit your e-mail address.

How to search for content

- Use the "Search This Blog" to search for content in this blog.

- Or, use "Site Map" to find posts with the tag that you are looking for.

How to Navigate

How to find posts with videos

To find posts that contain video, left click on "Site Map" and scroll down to find and left click on the "Video" tag to display a list of the posts that contain the video in them.

How to find product / service offered

To find product / service offered, left click on "Site Map" and scroll down to find the "Buy" tag and left click on it to display a list of the posts that contain product / service offered.

Alternatively, you could left click on "Products" to enter the web store. However, I would suggest you to use the "Buy" tag as I intend to use it as the primary way for posting my offers.


My favorite sites / videos / books

They can be found on the right hand side of the screen under "My Links".

Under "Popular Posts" are the 5 most popular posts of my blog selected by Blogger according to how frequent they are viewed by visitors to my blog.


Maintenance Log

2016/10/4 - Create link redirection for the posts that are referenced internally or externally.

2016/10/9 - Fix the problem of unable to load the Sitemap

2016/10/27 - Add the tab "Store" to my new blog (http://whhuangstore.blogspot.tw/) dedicated to sell my products and remove the "Products" tab linked to my store on ecwid site.

2016/12/26 - Add Printfriendly button to the template. The button will appear at the end of each published post.

2017/3/16 - Installed Disqus to replace the built-in comment feature.

2018/9/24 - Fixed broken HTML sitemap feature using the info. at the link below.

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