How to add frame and edit title block in Eagle PCB

This is a quick summary of how to add frame and edit title block in Eagle PCB.

Eagle PCB Version: 6.6.0.

Adding a frame

1. In the Schematic window, left click on Add, scroll down to locate "frames", and left click on it to expand it. Left click on the frame that best meet you need and click "OK".

2. Move the frame so the lower left hand corner of the frame matches the + sign in the schematic window.

4. Left click on Stop to stop placing another frame.

Editing the block title

1. Zoom in to the title block in the lower right hand corner. Note that there are no + sign before "untitled", "not saved!", and "1/1".

2. Left click on "Smash".

3. Left click on the + sign next to the lower left hand corner of the frame.

4. Note that there are now + sign before "untitled", "not saved!", and "1/1".

5. To remove the existing title, right click on the + sign before "untitled" to bring up the menu. Left click on Delete to delete "untitled".

6. Left click on Text to bring up the Text window, enter the title to be placed in the title field of the title block.

7. Drag the text to the title field, left click to place it, left click on "Stop" to stop placing the same text again.

8. To change the color, layer, and other properties of the text, right click on the + sign before the text and left click on Properties to bring up the Properties window.

Below are the properties for the "not saved!".

9. Change the position, size, and layer of the newly enter text to match those of the existing texts.

10. Do the same to other fields in the title block to reflect the changes that you would like to make.


It's worth noting that the title, date, and sheet fields are automatically updated. The use of above method is not necessary unless you are not satisfied with the auto updated texts.


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