EaglePCB - How to export parts used in a schematic to a library

This is a quick summary of how to export parts used in a schematic to a library using EaglePCB Version 6.6.0.

Step-1, Launch EaglePCB and load the schematic that you want to extract the components from;

Step-2, Click on the "Run ULP" icon (as shown below);

Step-3, Locate "exp-lbrs.ulp";

Step-4, Select the location to store the library that contains the exported components. Then click the OK button to proceed;

After a short while, a new window will be opened automatically which contains the components exported.

You are now ready to import the component(s) to your own library. Or, you could move the newly created library to where you keep all other EaglePCB libraries and use it from there. In my case, instead of adding the parts to my own library, I decided to put the newly created library with the rest of the libraries.


How do you copy a component from Schematic to Library

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