ESP32 - Compact breakout board for low power applications

This is a compact ESP32 breakout board for low power applications. To ensure minimum power consumption, aside from the ESP32-S module itself, all the other components that consume power have been removed.

This breakout board was developed for prototyping on PCB or a perf board. Instead of soldering the ESP32-S module to the PCB / perf board directly, this breakout board allows for the reuse of the ESP32-S module without the need to de-solder it.

The Schematic

Below is the schematic of the breakout board. Except for SD0, SD1, SD2, SD3, CMD, and CLK, all the other pads of the ESP32-S module are exposed and connected to the corresponding pin headers.

The Offer

Please find below my offer for the breakout board and the parts used.

- ESP32-S Breakout Board: US$ 2/ea
- Pin Head (40 x 1): US$0.5/ea
- ESP32-S Module: US$5.42/ea

Item Location: Taipei, TAIWAN
Payment Method: Paypal

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